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Research Interests



Research topics in our Environmental Biotechnology Group are currently to:

1) recover carbon as useful products from industrial waste gases

2) recover carbon from organic wastewater and biomass

3) store renewable electric power as methane via biological power-to-gas technology

4) produce chemicals and protein from electric power and carbon dioxide via biological power-to-X and power-to-protein technology

5) study extracellular electron transfer with bioelectrochemistry.

We use these technologies and tools:

Carboxylate Platform to recover carbon from wastes with anaerobic fermenters in the form of medium-chain carboxylic acids; and to understand how to shape reactor microbiomes by using 'omics tools.

Syngas Platform to convert recalcitrant organic materials into building blocks for subsequent biological conversion into liquid fuels and chemicals; and to recover carbon from industrial waste gases with syngas fermentation.

Microbial electrochemistry to store electric power with microbial electrochemical technologies (METs) into chemicals; to study microbe-electrode and microbe-microbe interctions with 3-electrode systems in METs and soils (Biogeochemistry).


Example of Currently Funded Research Project:



Examples of Previously Funded Research Projects:

SusChem: urban biorefineries

Village-scale pyrolysis project

Other examples of Previously Funded Research Projects


Entrepreneurial activities:




Lars Angenent with an H-type microbial electrochemical technology.