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Examples of Past Research Projects


Photobioreactor project with novel optics; ARPA-E-DOE; Erickson and Angenent.

Weatherization of older homes - the effect on bioaerosol loads; Sloan Foundation; Angenent.

CAREER: Microbial fuel cell technology for large-scale wastewater treatment; NSF; Angenent.

Reduction of iron and humic substances as a dominant respiratory process in arctic peat soils; NSF; Lipson [SDSU], Angenent, and Raab [Stanford].

Mixed cummunity bioreactors to convert (ligno)cellulosic feedstocks into the liquid biofuel butanol; NRI-USDA; Angenent, Qureshi [ARS-USDA], Cotta [ARS-USDA], and Dien [ARS-USDA].

Overcoming metabolic constraints of biological hydrogen production from biomass sugars by electrochemically-assisted hydrogen production in microbial fuel cells - ARS-USDA - $173,889 (Angenent).

Improving Stability in Anaerobic Digestion for Animal Waste Treatment-NRI-USDA-$312,205 (Angenent, Shen, Floss)

Anaerobic treatment of domestic wastewater from rural Communities with an anaerobic migrating blanket reactor. McDonnell Academy Global Energy and Environment Partnership (MAGEEP), Washington University in St. Louis - $35,500 (Angenent, Onay and Yenigün [Bogaziçi University, Turkey] and Nuengjamnong and Rachdawong [Chulalongkorn University, Thailand]).

Characterization of Microbial Communities in Anaerobic Granules. BP Amoco Chemical Company - $53,566 (Angenent)

SEAD treatability of secondary biosolids from the upflow anaerobic bioreactors of Anheuser-Busch - Anheuser-Busch - $75,952 (Angenent).

Discovery and utilization of enzymes for renewable biofuels production. Missouri Life Science Research Board - 58,796 (Angenent).

Effectiveness of membrane integrated shower outlets for increasing patient safety - Barnes-Jewish Hospital Foundation - $34,889 (Angenent, Fraser, Mayfield).

Effect of variable loading rates on the anaerobic treatment of corn milling wastewater-Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity in conjunction with the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center-$58,986 (Angenent).

Development of the multi-phase UMFC: simultaneous electricity generation and wastewater treatment-Bear Cub-Washington University in St. Louis-$40,000 (Angenent).

Inactivation of bioaerols with X-ray-enhanced coronas-MRCE-NIH-$153,000 (Biswas and Angenent)

Table Rock Lake Project-NDWRCDP-EPA-$263,382 (Giammar and Angenent)