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Research MFC lab and curriculum

We have developed a MFC lab for high-school students with funds from:

CAREER: Microbial fuel cell technology for large-scale wastewater treatment; NSF; Angenent.

The curriculum can be downloaded for free and used by high-school teachers! It was developed by Brett Barron, who is a high-school teacher at Hazelwood Central High School, in collaboration with Angenent Lab members Miriam Rosenbaum and Lars Angenent and with Phyllis Balcerzak at the Biology Outreach Center at Washington University in St. Louis. Numerous high-school students have visited the Washington University campus to perform this lab; these pictures are from 2010 when a total of 99 students performed this lab:

Brett with his high-school students during the MFC lab at the Washington University campus.

High-school students during one of the 2010 MFC labs at the Washington University campus.