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Research Microbial Electrochemistry

In the research field of microbial electrochemistry we study microbe-electrode and microbe-microbe interactions or develop engineered systems to produce chemicals with bioelectrochemical systems (BESs). In addition, we use BESs as biosensors because bacteria can generate a digital output directly. We have placed electrodes in Arctic peat soil to study carbon cycling in the field as part of a Biogeochemistry study, and you can read about this in our methods paper in Biosensors and Bioelectronics. In the area of Biosensing, our lab has also developed biocomputing with BESs. You can read about Biocomputing in our research paper that is published in ChemComm or in a perspective that is published in Energy and Environmental Science. Below are some interesting links, including to the ISMET, a paper on definitions, and open sourse pages for research tools:

International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology (ISMET) web page

Definitions in Microbial Electrochemistry

Open-source Bond Lab reactors

Open-source potentiostat for field use

Curriculum and microbial fuel cell (MFC) lab at high-schools

NA-ISMET meeting in October 2012

Read more about BESs in a book for which Lars Angenent was a co-editor and co-author