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Pdf files containing handouts (files may be password protected):



Handout 2: Bioenergy 101 Book Chapter

Handout 3: McCarty Anaerobic Digestion Paper

Handout 4: Principles and Microbiology of Anaerobic Digestion

Handout 5: Anaerobic Biological Treatment Processes

Handout 6: Stoichometry of Biochemical Reactions

Handout 7: Life Cycle Assessment and Industrial Ecology

Handout 8: Life Cycle Assessment and Corn Ethanol

Handout 9: Economic analysis, chapter on time value of money (Prof. Timmons)

Handout 10: Economic analysis, chapter on financial accounting (Prof. Timmons)

Handout 11: Corn-Kernel-to-ethanol Milling

Handout 12: Dry milling LCA

Handout 13: Lignocellulosic feedstocks: a larger picture opinion

Handout 14: Pretreatment steps for lignocellulosic biomass: a review

Handout 15: Butanol fermentation

Handout 16: Syngas fermentation


Group project work and further reading:

Team grading form and rules

Collaborative learning in design groups, forms, and interview

Directions to the Ithaca Wastewater Treatment Plant

Groups for 2015 class

Engineering Design Lecture

Chapter on practical aspects of anaerobic digestion - safety; equipment; etc.

Chapter on agrcultural digesters - an European perspective - Weiland paper

Articles on Biogas to Car Fuels and Biogas to Electricity with Fuel Cells - Biosolids Magazine

Article on Economic Analysis for Anaerobic Digesters

Website on decentralized waste conversion technologies in Germany

Video of Sanergy economics for toilets in Kenya

Video of Sanergy long


Lectures (powerpoint or scanned pdf):

Bioenergy 101 lecture

Angenent Lab lecture

Anaerobic Digestion lecture 1

Anaerobic Digestion lecture 2

Prof. Norm Scott AD lecture, including the German Experience

AD in the Biorefenery Market Lecture Dr. Willy Verstraete

Caproate lecture

Pages 1-3 with Table 1, (R)eaction, and Energy Cost Cell Synthesis

In class problem anwser and extra problem (stoichiometric equations)

Sheet for quiz

Life cycle assessment lecture 1 Dr. Norm Scott

Life cycle assessment lecture 2 Dr. Norm Scott

Consulting Design: CURBI design lecture Wayne McFarland

Past years: Microbial Fuel Cells Lecture Dr. Miriam Rosenbaum

Past years: Microbial Electrolysis Cells Lecture Dr. Miriam Rosenbaum

Fermentation, biorefineries, and lignocellulosics

Corn-to-ethanol industry

Biochar and ethanol