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Research Bioaerosols

We have quantified and characterized bioaerosols in indoor swimming pools, hospital showers, metalworking factories, and the outdoors by both culture-dependent and genome-enabled assays. The goal of many of these studies is to not only characterize potential pathogens in air, but also to test engineered mitigation strategies. We are now interested in pursuing problems with airborne microbes, including bacterial pathogens and fungal spores, in households and agricultural-related indoor environments.

This area of study in our lab is currently sponsored by the Sloan Foundation (Microbiology of the Built Environment) to study weatherization efforts for older homes in the Northeast. Graduate students Mytien Nguyen and Catherine Sprito are working on this effort.

Invitation letter for home-owners in Tompkins county and surrounding counties of NYS

House sampling procedures

We are also advised by Joseph Laquatra Jr on the building science aspects of this study.


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